Microblading, also known as cosmetic tattooing, eyebrow embroidery, and dermal implantation, is the art of creating small, hairstroke-like lines to simulate natural hair. Microblading is intended to enhance a person's natural eyebrows with very subtle lines.



Yes. Pigment is placed in the skin using small sterile needles. There are differences between microblading and body tattooing, though. Body tattoos use a carbon-based ink and a machine, whereas cosmetic tattooers use iron oxide-based inked and a hand tool.



Cosmetic tattooing is permanent, however, given the nature of the area it is common for microblading to fade over time. To get technical, the color is implanted in the dermis. Since everyone's body is different, it is impossible to dermine how much a person's cosmetic tattooing will fade over time.* Color can fade depending on skin type, iron deficiencies, and sun exposure. It is recommended to come back for a color boost every 1-2 years to enhance your existing tattoo. Be sure to closely follow all pre-care and aftercare instructions to get your best heal possible. Additionally, some factors that may affect the longevity of your tattoo include oily skin and/or smoking.



Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Unlike body tattooing, microblading does use topical anesthetics to increase comfort. You may notice that getting tattooed while on your menstrual cycle may cause you to be more sensitive.



It is always important to examine an artist's body of work before committing to the procedure. Microblading requires a minimum of 100 hours of training. In Illinois, all body art practitioners must also complete Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) certification per state Health Department guidelines. I proudly completed training at the Advanced Permanent Cosmetics Academy in Naperville, Illinois, in January 2017, and has been BBP certified since June of 2014.



You cannot get microblading if you are any of the following:

  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Using Accutane currently or within the past year

  • Under 18 years old

  • Have been tanning or sunburnt within the past 30 days.

  • Are prone to keloids

Please read the pre-care thoroughly. Microblading may heal more powdery on oily skin types. If you have had previous laser treatments, previous cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, or heavy scarring in the area, these factors could affect your healing and ability to retain pigment. The more natural brow hair you have, the more realistic microblading will appear. If you have little to no eyebrow hair, the procedure may have a flatter (or more 2-deminsional) result and require additional sessions to give the illusion of hair.

If you have any doubts about your health, please consult your doctor prior to making an appointment.


I had my eyebrows tattooed recently and they seem dark.

This is totally normal and is the major concern of most people after they have their first microblading appointment. During your 2nd to 3rd day of healing, your brows will look very dark and bold. Keep in mind that this is just your body's way of healing and the color will lighten up over the next two weeks.

Microblading pigments also appears to be more red or more warm during the first few days and tend to heal cooler.



First, we will look at any references you may have or your desired brows. During the consultation, we will discuss colors, shapes, and expectations. You are welcome to come in with your brows already filled in the way your prefer. Once we get ready for the procedure, the area will be cleaned off and Before photos will be taken. From there, I begin drawing your brows. This can sometimes be a time consuming process, as we tweak the shape and symmetry. It is important to remember that your brows are sisters, not twins! Faces aren't symettrical and we will work together to make sure we get the best possible shape for you.

Once we have defined shape, I apply anesthetics and discuss your aftercare procedure. We will mix colors and match swatches. When all of these bases are covered, it is time to begin tattooing! Throughout the process, we will continually be applying anesthetic to increase comfort. A first session typically lasts about two and a half to three hours.


do i need a consultation?

Consultations prior to booking are not required, but sometimes preferred. If you chose not to come in for a consultation, we will go over color, shape, and other concerns at the time of your appointment. I require a consultation for anyone who has previously tattooed eyebrows.



Please use the "Book an Appointment" link at the top of this page. Appointments are currently open.

Appointments require a $100 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will go towards the cost of your tattoo during the day of your appointment. Cash is preferred on the day of your appointment, but cards are accepted.



Per shop policy, deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so within 24 hours to avoid losing your deposit. You may reschedule once (with at least a 24 hr notice to your appointment date) and your deposit will roll over to the new date. Multiple reschedules will result in a forfeiture if your deposit. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you run the risk of forfeiting your deposit and cancellation of your appointment.

Micro Penny Cosmetic Tattoo’s late and cancellation policy will be strongly enforced.

• If you are 15 min late to your initial appointment, your deposit will be forfeited and you will be rescheduled.

• If you are 15 min late to a touch up, you will be rescheduled and charged $175 for your touch up.

• Clients may reschedule an appointment one time. As long as that rescheduling is arranged more than 24 hours prior to your initial start time, your deposit will roll over. Any additional reschedule, or appointments rescheduled less than 24 hours before the start time will result in deposit forfeiture.

Please take these policies into consideration when planning your commute. All of my clients’ time is important to me, and when days are full, one late client can throw off everyone else for the day! If you have any questions about booking, pre-care, after care, deposits, or anything else, you are welcome to come in for a consultation, ask via email or DM, or even give me a call at 773-669-6316.


do you accept credit card?

Cash is preferred, but card is accepted. 


Do you tattoo men's brows?

I am happy to try an accommodate all clients. Please email me at info@micropennytattoo.com for inquiries.



I am now offering freckles as a service! Freckles looks subtle and natural once they heal. Like any tattoo, they look bold and first and then lighten as they settle in. Please be sure to check out the Freckles portfolio and follow along for new photos via Instagram!