Jessie Barber is a cosmetic tattoo artist in Chicago, Illinois.

Originally from Ohio, Jessie has always been interested in art, fashion, and tattooing. The three of these interests intersected in 2015 when she began learning about microblading and other cosmetic tattoo procedures.

She began managing Chicago Tattoo Company in 2014, working closely with body tattooers and piercers. From there, she moved up and attended the Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy in January 2017. 

Prior to tattooing, Jessie has worked in technology and social media marketing fields for major brands. Stepping away from these corporate worlds gave her a new appreciation of the tattoo industry. Aside from cosmetic tattooing, Jessie also runs a style blog and social media channels. She is constantly checking up on the newest trends and styles in fashion and makeup and translating that into her work. Feel free to check out Mini Penny Blog or follow her on Instagram.


Jessie takes great pride in providing great customer service — two brows at a time.